Homes are Still Selling-Keep the Faith!!!

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Even though the media keeps telling us the sky is falling, there are some very intelligent clients out there who are stilling buying and selling homes.  I just sold one of my listings with a cash sale.  The buyers are very savvy clients who can pay cash in a challenging time.  They know that they should not borrow way more money than which they are comfortable. 

Also, my seller is able to get a loan she can afford to buy the home in the area, Roswell, GA, in which she wanted to move.  There are loans out there for smart buyers!

They know what they can afford and the market is not dictating what they will do with their finances.  There are intelligent clients still out there who can buy real estate when the rest of the world is over extended.  We need to tap into this market and somehow get this idea across to the media.  Ok, I am probably trying to get pigs to fly, thinking the media might announce that there are good things happening in real estate-but a girl can dream - can't she?

We need to cling to the positives and promote the dickens out of it to our clients who can buy and sell in this crazy market.

Pamela Trapani

RE/MAX Greater Atlanta


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