Realtors Sales People UNITE AND BE HEARD!!!!!! (And WIN GAS)

Real Estate Agent with Clarity Street Realty 1999093366

Don't you wish you were provided with the things YOU want and YOU need instead of provided tools you don't use or want, tools that don't even help?

Well here is your chance to be heard.  I am looking for AGENTS or Sales People ONLY input PLEASE!!!!!! No Managers allowed!

What is your wish list of what you need to help you be more effective, better trained or just something that you are missing.

What are the road blocks you are hitting in today's market?

What stops you from being more productive or effective?

What is your biggest battle in the Real Estate Business?

Is it not enough time?  Not enough motivation?  If you had to list the 5 things that hold you back from success what would they be.

I will enter every person who posts to this blog's name into a drawing and the winner will receive a $50 Gas card.  Is that enough to get you to put your thoughts into words?

I look forward to your honest input!!!

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