In Serching for Buyers/Investors who are Serious about making things happen...

Services for Real Estate Pros with Realty Remedies Consulting Group



1. A JV partnership with someone to help me buy banking instruments to take to a platform and leverage for cash... they will make 300% return per year. 50-50 split with investor.

2. Looking for a Private Funding who is interested in investing into A list film projects sought out by Producers and directors who have proven themselves to be successful.

We have Also have Gold(Dust),Diamonds,Jet Fuels, REO's (Seriously)

If you are a Buyer or Direct to a buyer Interested in Buying/Investing..
We would love to work with you....

PLEASE NOTE:Be no more than 1 away from buyer side

We will ONLY ACCEPT Non-Flakes Serious Clients that are ready to buy ASAP with Confidence!

Please Feel Free to Contact me via email or phone for more info below

Ms. Krystal Johnson
Realty Remedies Consulting Group

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