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ENDURANCE - In order to find your full potential, you must first test your endurance. 

Finding your full potential can cross a broad spectrum of definition. It can be anything from a physical achievement or accomplishment to testing your endurance in finding out if you survive this market. 

When I climbed Mt. Whitney in 2002 (, it definitely tested my physical endurance. In the past year, this business has tested my emotional, mental, physical and financial endurance. 

I trained for 10 months to make my journey to the top of the highest peak in the Contiguous United States. I have been in the business since 1996, have endured slow markets and survived just fine. This real estate market is testing the endurance of the even the most fit of us. 

Nobody with a sane brain thought that home values would continue to rise at a break-neck pace forever. The market will always have peaks and valleys and history has taught us that values increase an average of 10% every year. The greater percentage of those who have a game plan to stay in their homes for the long term should be O.K. 

I plan on staying the course and giving it all I have. Do you have the endurance to stay in the game until the market rebounds? Also, tell me how did you prepare for this market?  

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Winter Baserva
Seasons Realty Group of Atlanta Communities - Atlanta, GA
Realtor -Homes For Sale, Atlanta, GA

I do. And, I'm making great strides to get there each and every day. Mindset is half the battle. Funny, I just posted on "mindset" today.

Oct 15, 2008 12:48 PM
Jeffrey Markell
Markor Mortgage, Inc. - Newport Beach, CA

Winter - I read your "mindset" post and enjoyed it. Especially the part about Tony Robbins, that guy from Shallow Hal. Loved the movie!

Oct 16, 2008 01:04 PM