Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!!

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kickoffMy favorite time of year is here. For me there is nothing quite so refreshing as the crisp smell of the air in fall (visit Seattle in October if you have never smelled crisp air). The smell of peanuts and stale beer in the parking lot somehow gets my mouth to water when any other time of year it would make me gag. Making the walk from the parking lot to your seats under any other circumstances would require a break for 80% of the people. Not during football season. Watching two grown men run at full speed and slam head first into each other would normally make you cringe in your seat. Not during football season. Waiting in a line 20 people deep for a hot dog and beer then paying $20 for said beer and hotdog would make anyone irrate. Not during football season. And of course sitting in your car after the game for an hour trying to make it out of the parking garage would normally have people cussing and swearing. Not during football season unless your team loses.


qwest field


Now if you take a look at the profile, you'll see I'm from Bellevue, Washington, right across the lake from Seattle.Kingdome Implosion When I was a little kid my dad would take me to the Seahawks games in the environment controlled Kingdome. You have never been in a structure so drab and void of atmosphere in all your life. For a couple of years when I was rather young I can remember the Kingdome loud enough that you almost expected the roof to collapse. Then came the Ken Behring era. For 21 years the Seattle Seahawks didn't return to the playoffs. Then our savior......Paul Allen, Microsoft Co-founder and resident Seattle Billionaire bought the team. What did he do with them you ask? Tear down the Kingdome, put up one of the best stadiums in the country and put together a Super Bowl contender (I can't tell you how hard it was for me to not put Champ in the place of contender. If you saw the game, you know what I'm talkin about)



Since the turn of the century, no Super Bowl runner up has finished the following season over .500. I just got done watching the Swami say that the Hawks weren't going to make the playoffs.

The Seahawks are the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL....No Respect, No Respect. So we sit back and wait for the season to open and we wait two weeks before they come home for the home opener. You can be assured that if your team comes to Qwest this year, it will not be fun for them. But I'll have fun enough to make up for it for you..........



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Toby Barnett
KW North Sound - Marysville, WA
Toby Barnett

I am so ready for regular season to start and as a season ticket holder I am stoked to get in there and yell my a$$ off. Last year was out of control and seeing the best team in the NFL go 13-3 was truely a sight to watch. GO SEAHAWKS!!

Your right, the stadium is so awsome and I haven't sat in one bad seat in it. All the views are great and unobstructed and great for yelling at the oposing team :O

Sep 07, 2006 04:41 PM
Tim Merrell
Prudential Americana Group Realtors - Henderson, NV


I'm in Vegas and this is also my favorite time of year! My wife is from Seattle and she has converted me to a Hawks fan. We have not been to the new stadium yet but we are going to be there on the 24th to them beat the Giants!!! Detroit is in for it this weekend! They'll be over .500 for sure!! 

Sep 07, 2006 05:01 PM
Karen Villa Schweinfurth
RE/MAX Northwest Realtors, Inc. 425-308-3669 - Everett, WA
ABR, CRS, SRES, CyberStar
Bob, well spoken. Can't wait for the games! Go HAWKS! Let the 12th man reign (rain)!.
Sep 08, 2006 03:32 AM
Bob Pavey
RE/MAX Hometown - Aventura, FL
This year the Super Bowl Goes through the Super City of MIAMI We are looking forward to having our Dolphins in the big game
Sep 08, 2006 04:10 AM
"The Lovely Wife" (Broker Bryantnulls Wife) The One And Only TLW.
President-Tutas Towne Realty, Inc. - Kissimmee, FL
Ah...Ha...So you are a football fan! Kum La Ka Lakka.
Sep 08, 2006 12:21 PM
Terry Moravec
Keller Williams Premier Realty - Blaine, MN

My team does go through Seattle this year on October 22. I've been a Vikings season ticket holder for years. Some might say I'm a bit of a fanatic (see and decide for yourself). Don't feel bad about one Super Bowl loss, though. I've been through four of them.


Sep 09, 2006 01:16 PM
Toby Barnett
KW North Sound - Marysville, WA
Toby Barnett
This weekend we host the Arizona Cardinals...they beat downs continue in quest field!!
Sep 14, 2006 04:14 PM
Ken Bell
Realty Executives Brio - Bellevue, WA
Geez, the Seahawks have had a run of bad luck. First Alexander, then Hasslebeck. It's a good thing we have the Raiders in town this week. Because they sure are bad!!!
Nov 02, 2006 06:07 AM
"The Lovely Wife" (Broker Bryantnulls Wife) The One And Only TLW.
President-Tutas Towne Realty, Inc. - Kissimmee, FL
Bob where are you? TLW...ROAR!
Nov 08, 2006 12:45 PM
Gloria Myers
Brio Realty - Marysville, WA
8-4 and ready to crush the Cardinals!!!! Hopefully we can get home field advantage through the playoffs and be ready to play in Chicago for the NFC title. Everyone knows Chicago can't win at home in the playoffs. 
Dec 07, 2006 06:19 AM