Six mistakes buyers make when purchasing a home!

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1: Not Having Proper Representation

In today's market it is important to have qualified representation. When you select a Realtor to work with be sure to ask questions about there qualifications and even sales history.

2: The Right Loan

There are many different loan types available. Depending on how long you plan to live in your home there are some great options to purchase and keep you payments low or get you into a larger home for the same amount of money.

3: The Right Location

Figure out what location you would like to live in and stay as close to that area as possible. Sometimes buyers will jump into a home that may look great but is not really located where they want to be.

4: Make Your Offer ASAP

Making an offer in a timely manner once you find a home you like is advisable. Two common problem buyers face when buying are other buyers making offers on the same property and waiting too long.

5: Get The Home Your Purchasing Inspected

Make sure you have the home you are purchasing inspected. The inspection could easily change your mind about the deal you thought you were getting.

6: Stay In Contract

Stay within your contract dates. Many times if you do not stay within your contract dates the contract can be cancelled and you run the risk of losing not only the home you were purchasing but your earnest money.

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