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Tenant does not get to stay anymore

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Hello Everyone,

This is a continuance to the blog that I posted about the tenant who claimed he would use the law to stay in my investment property for free. We went to eviction court and I was awarded back rent plus court cost. He did ask for an appeal, but the judge put a substantial fee associated with that appeal. He has 5 days to file and pay the appeal fee or get out. As you all know, he wanted to talk to me after court about clearing his debt and continuing to live on the property. I do not want to go through the trouble of marketing to find another tenant. The fact that this guy knew that he had not payed rent and because of  the threat he made about using the judicial system against me. I will exercise my right to take possession as soon as the 5 day period the law requires is up. I think that the marketing to get another tenant is worth it when you have someone in your property who does not want to pay on time. Also when you are kind enough to listen to lye's for two months they don't pay as promised. So you file eviction and they want to tell you how your the one who will lose by doing so. They are dead wrong. Thanks to  the law acknowledging that a contract to pay rent is just what is says it is. Thank all of you for the comments an advice...