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Hello Active Rain community -I've recently joined a group in Active Rain about free tools for online marketing.  Well, online marketing and virtual tours are what I do with TourVista Virtual Tours.  And I'd like to know what is it that everyone out there would want to make a perfect online marketing tool for their listings?

I'm constantly trying to make sure we have all the right features and tools for our users at TourVista Virtual Tours. This seems like a great forum for you to tell me just what you're looking for? Here's what TourVista offers now - give us a try for free and then please come back and tell me what else you might want. We'll see how we can add it to TourVista. Our whole goal of designing TourVista was for it to be a useful tool for those involved in selling real estate and using the web to help market their homes online.

  • Free to use through 2008! All our features and tools are at your disposal through 2008 and in 2009 we'll be creating a free and premium version for users to choose what best suits their needs. Or you never know, we might just stay completely free.
  • Interactive floor plans - sync and link your photos or video right up to your floor plans so viewers get the best experience possible. We want you to get more eyeballs on your listing so you have the best chance to get the most potential customers!
  • Flexibility to choose photos or video or both!
  • Attractive Craigslist templates for you to choose to help in the online marketing effort.
  • An easy to use, step by step user interface designed to help you get an amazing tour set up in minutes full of all the features you'd expect in a high-quality virtual tour.
  • A do-it-yourself tour or hire a pro feature that lets you contact a local photographer or videographer to hire - or hire TourVista's Turnkey Solution for one price and get the whole thing done for you!

Please take a moment to think about what you would want from your online marketing tools and provide me with some feedback.  It would be great to know what Active Rain members want so we can continually improve our product to meet those needs.  If you haven't yet, please check out TourVista and see what you think.  You can set up a free account and begin making great virtual tours immediately!


Jason Houghton
Co-founder TourVista Virtual Tours

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