Funniest things that happen in your office.............

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I love to hear the funny things that happen in other offices today. At the Grove City Coldwell Banker King Thompson office that I work at we have what we call the pink pig award. It is a pink piggy bank that you keep on your desk. We tell our funny stories at our office meetings and nominate who we think is the funniest. Some of the funny things that happened in our office:

One day a agent was zooming around the office faxing, making calls, handling contracts and just being really busy. She faxed over a contract to another agent when the front desk administrator started laughing and said to her, "Did you just fax a contract over?" She started laughing when she realized that she faxed a contract to someone in her own office.

Please, tell your funny stories with me and let's all laugh during these crazy times.........

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