Looking to relocate? Winter condo rentals offer great temp housing!

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Relocating can be very tough, doesn't matter where you go. You have to deal with change of address, moving boxes, and bunch of other headaches. The biggest of all, though, is where to stay! Looking for an apartment in Myrtle Beach can be tough. You want the nicest place you can afford, right? In the right neighborhood, not too far away from your place of work (probably within city limits).

Well, if you meet certain criteria, a Myrtle Beach winter condo rental might work perfectly for you! Image saying you are now living in an oceanfront condo and get to wake up and watch the sun rise over the ocean every morning. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig, right? The condo is already furnished. Utilities are paid for. And best of all, you get to enjoy all of the attractions Myrtle Beach has to offer without the tourists.

Lets think about this scenario for a bit. You graduated from college in the spring, and continue to work throughout the summer and a bit of fall to save some money to move. Of course, you decide on Myrtle Beach for your new place to live. You start looking around for apartments, but can't believe the prices. Is that really worth it, especially within city limits? "The real estate market is expensive!" What about condo rentals? Well, you just found a website that has a monthly condo with a view of the ocean for $800. It's completely furnished, has a widescreen TV, and the complex has WIFI access to get internet for your laptop. Utilties are paid for. Cable TV, water, electricity. Interesting.

Start doing the math. Wow....it about equals out, doesn't it? So, you start looking for Myrtle Beach winter deals for condos. You have money saved up, and usually condo rental companies prefer that you pay in full before you rent anyway.

Uh oh. You just noticed that the $800 is per month, but only from October through March. Well, that's ok. Six months is plenty of time to get a job, start your career, and saving again! By that time, you will know the area, and find a great deal on your next apartment. Best of all, there is no lease, so if you did have to bail out, you have the option. Do remember, with many condo rentals you have to pay up front, or at least put a deposit down to reserve your room. Also keep in mind, that some rental companies have a minimum age limit to rent as well.

You will come to find out, the weather in Myrtle Beach in the winter is amazing. Not cold at all, but rather just chilly. You get to wake up every morning with a view of the ocean. Smell the salt air and head off to work. So, if you are looking to relocate, don't discredit winter rentals in Myrtle Beach. It might just be your ticket to your new life on the Grand Strand!

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Will Nesbitt
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I love Myrtle Beach.

Oct 17, 2008 11:34 PM