Marketing in today’s Challenging Real Estate

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I have several marketing magazines that reference many different ways to market. I've built homes and Listed houses in my area. This will be the first time I will be marketing to buyers. Can anyone give me a success story and perhaps share marketing companies that are reliable.  I've stopped building homes and my mortgage company has slowed. I am focusing all my attention to First time home buyers using FHA and down payment assistance programs. I will continue to service my high end clients, but I'm finding it very rewarding to revisit the excitement of first time home owners.  I mainly work in the San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita.

 I have returned from a realtors show in Long beach. I have reached my opinion regarding where the market is headed. We may see an additional drop of 10%, or maybe not.  even the smartest people can tell you. but i think this will be the bottom. Stocks will be weak through the holidays. Come the beginning of 2009, I can expect improvement overall. I had spoken to a federal agent from the department of HUD. She made it clear to me that realtors really need to expose the deferred down payment assistants. For the last several years, people who could show income on tax returns and had w'2's could not afford to buy due to the phantom inflation of home prices. But now that prices are coming down low enough, these working people could actually afford a home. this is a great opportunity to help them get into a house and start taking advantage of all the benefits of home ownership. Now I know time is of the essence. In order to keep these people working and making the monthly payments, credit will need to be extended NOW to all the business. we also have the temporary loan increase of $726,000. This will end beginning 2009.  However, I was told having the application before the year would lock you in with a FHA mortgage letter and still be honored.

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