Dryer Vent Cleaning Specialist Warns Consumers in York, PA of the Danger of Dryer Fires

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Bryan Linz asks:  Do you know what is lurking in your dryer vent?


York, PA -- An imminent and growing danger may be lurking in your crawl space, basement, or laundry room: the potential for a dryer vent fire. Up to 15000 dryer vent fires occur in the U.S. each year with devastating results. Dryer Vent Wizard, a dryer vent cleaning and repair franchise serving Central Pennsylvania, specializes in the cleaning and repair of dryer vents, in residential and commercial buildings, to reduce and eliminate dryer vent fires.  

"I am happy to bring this important service to the community where my family and friends live," said Bryan Linz, owner of the new Dryer Vent Wizard of Central Pennsylvania.  "By providing this service, we are doing our part to help keep our community safe from clothes dryer fires.  Purchasing a Dryer Vent Wizard franchise has been a very rewarding career change for me"

According to Bryan, many dryer vents are not up to code because they are made of vinyl, plastic or foil. These flexible dryer vents sag, or are bent and crushed when people attempt to push their dryers closer to the wall. This results in restricted air flow when moist lint and hot air cannot escape to the vent outdoors. As the lint builds up over time, it creates a highly flammable clog that could ignite from the extreme heat of a running dryer. "If your dryer is taking more than one cycle to dry your clothes, this is a warning sign of a fire hazard," explained Linz. "A fire can be easily prevented by having a dryer vent specialist inspect your dryer vent system and replace old plastic or foil vents with new, rigid metal vents that comply with current building codes and UL safety standards.  This will also save money in energy consumption costs as a proper vent system will allow a dryer to function more efficiently."   

Dryer Vent Wizard is a franchise operation that provides cleaning, repair and maintenance of dryer vents, both residential and commercial, with the goal of preventing dryer vent fires. It was founded by David Lavalle on August 12, 2004 in Chelmsford, Mass., and has quickly grown to include over 50 franchises across the nation. Dryer Vent Wizard operates out of mobile office vans that contain all the equipment needed to perform dryer vent services and bring customers' dryer vents up to code standards. For more information, visit http://www.dryerventwizard.com or call 888.498.SAFE (7233).





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