What is a Brokers Tour?

Real Estate Agent with Windermere Peninsula Properties

Have you ever heard real estate agents refer to the brokers tour? Do you know what they are talking about? Well if you don't allow me to explain.

A Broker's Tour is usually set for a certain day of the week, for a specified amount of time. The local area real estate agents get together, and go view other agents listings. The Listing agent is there to explain all of the interesting detail about the home, that the Agents may not know if they showed the home on their own.

The wonderful thing about a Broker's Tour is that it gives a chance for other agents to preview a listed property, and know all of the tributes that make it special. They can then knowledgeable talk to their clients about it, with first hand information. Words in an MLS can have a hard time capturing some of the special qualities of a home. If your agent ever suggest a Broker's Tour take them up on it. It is a great opportunity to show off your home!

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