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I have marketed myself as a LISTING AGENT in CUMBERLAND COUNTY and DAUPHIN COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA. HOME SELLER s are looking for the most internet savvy REAL ESTATE AGENT when they are considering BUYING A HOME, or SELLING A HOME. Many HOME SELLER s are much more advanced and educated on the technology available today than AGENTS IN MY AREA.   In today's market we better be doing all that is necessary to efficiently and QUICKLY SELL A HOME or FIND A HOME such as using all the tools available to us. 

My BLOG s posted on ACTIVE RAIN, BLOGGER.COM, and other sources, hopefully will be an asset for HOME OWNER s CONSIDERING BUYING A HOME or SELLING A HOME.  My blog has featured stories on why FLOOR PLANS, VIRTUAL TOURS, VISUAL TOURS, VIDEO TOURS, well worded descriptions' & quality photos are other important ingredients in the marketing of a PROPERTY FOR SALE, as well as documenting events that have occurred and what I have taken from the experience.   This is just the beginning of what is necessary in today's market.  We must have a significant presence on all the HOMES FOR SALE and  HOUSE VALUES search sites.

To my fellow REALTOR s, this is also a test on utilizing meta tags and highlighting key words in an effort to increase my internet presence.




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