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Did you Ever Dissect a FROG?

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I was having a conversation with my 4 year old daughter this morning about FROGS. I remember dissecting frogs in high school. I kinda of feel like I am in this process now with my mortgage company.

We were talking about frogs because Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin will have a special called THE VANISHING FROG that premieres Nov. 20 at 8.p.m on the Animal Planet channel. Poor frogs are dying from a fungus that is threatening the species to extinction.

When we started dissecting frogs in high school, I had a very hard time with the task when it was first introduced. I did not think that I could bring myself to do it. The cutting, the smell and what about their souls, did they still know what we were doing to them.

Anyways, once it began I grew more curious. It was fascinating exploring the organs and nervous system. The smell is still in my mind as I write this, what can I say it was very rank.


I bring this up to draw on some correlations to my adult life right now. I am in the process of dissecting my business. It is the same thing. Getting started is uncomfortable and makes me feel uneasy. I am scared of what is beneath the surface. I know that a sharp utensil is needed, in this case my brain. I began this process last week. I have decided to reflect on my career and take a clear look at what has worked for me and what hasn't.

What I realize is that most of my success has been in wholesale. I own a retail business and it has not reached it's full potential. I have decided that I have been more successful calling on other mortgage companies than on realtors. I had this success for 8 years, than I opened my own mortgage company after the birth of my child. I have been in unfamiliar ground.

This process has been enlightening. It is not that I am not successful, it is just that I have to draw upon what I have learned and what has worked and the network that I have built.

My new division will be Contract Processing. Offering mortgage companies processing services, training and compliance. I am finding a huge need in the market as brokers try to cut costs to stay afloat.

The process is painful, because I have to be honest with myself for the life of my business. I also have to put my best foot forward. Originations will always be a part of my business, but the dissection process has taught me that the inside doesn't look like the outside. I have fascinating insides and abilities and need to share my talents with the networks that I have instead of trying to create new ones that are too challenging in this market to work on in this market.

 I won't discontinue realtor business, I will just try to something a little different for awhile. I never imagined what the inside of a frog would look like, just like I never thought my business would go in this direction. I am happy we dissected those frogs and I am happy that I dissected my business.

I really do love frogs and so does my daughter Anna!

God Save the Frogs!!

Mike Carsten
Tucson Mortgage,LLC - Tucson, AZ


Wow it has been years since I dissected a frog. I do remember it being an amazing experience once I got inside so to speak. I also remeber being nervous because it was a new experience. Once I over came that part it turned out to be quiet fascinating.

I am pretty new to the Mortgage business as well and had similar feelings of nervousness and excitement. The business is new to me but once I let myself get inside the Mortgage business I found it quite amazing.

Stop by and say hello....Mike

Nov 06, 2008 11:10 AM
Loan Survivor Real Estate Financing Expert
Purchases, First Time Buyers, Pre-Approvals, Refinance - Birmingham, MI

Very open post!  I give you a lot of credit for the self-examination and the guts to post it.

FYI - i don't know of a mortgage originator in Oakland County that isn't struggling a bit right now (including me).  Several that have bragged about doing well - let's just say I know a few people I can check with and all they're doing well is bragging!

Keep your fingers crossed that the coming LORA deadline of 04/01/09 will get rid of a lot of dead weight in our biz.  Then all we have to do is fight off the bankers trying to put us out of biz:)

Dec 27, 2008 08:28 AM