General Wayne Inn in Southold on the North Fork

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When we first moved to Southold, New York in 2002, there was a structure in our neighborhood called the General Wayne Inn.

Situated oddly, Sean’s father explained that he had in fact dined at this opulent eatery located in the residential area of Bayview- it was a destination spot often navigated on foot, as those in the area were able to combine a nice walk with a fine meal.

The building was abandoned when we viewed it, but still intact- clearly devastated by a fire of some sort, it was destined to deteriorate without immediate intervention.

Below are photos of this once-grand establishment, along with a recent town meeting addressing the uncertain future of this once glorious structure.

It has increasingly become an eyesore, due to the lack of maintenance and preservation that the owner was unable to provide for it.

I’d love to see it purchased and restored, but as the years go by, all elements worthy of restoration seemingly grow legs- where a sign once proclaimed it’s identity, there is now simply an empty and rotting post.

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Laurie Mindnich
Centennial, CO

Carole, according to Sean's father, it was a really fun place- very much a part of the neighborhood scene.

Miriam, when we arrive here, it had clearly undergone a fire of some sort, but was not beyond restoration, the way that it is now- sad!

Oct 20, 2008 01:29 AM
Laura Cerrano
Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island - Locust Valley, NY
Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher

Laurie, I don't know if you are familiar with Oheka Castle--which was in total ruins.  They restored that incredible place one section at a time to it's old opulence--and now there's a waiting list to get married or have a function there.  It can be done and might well be worth it for the people that can invest time and money.

Oct 20, 2008 01:48 AM
Jennifer Fivelsdal
JFIVE Home Realty LLC | 845-758-6842|162 Deer Run Rd Red Hook NY 12571 - Rhinebeck, NY
Mid Hudson Valley real estate connection

Laurie it is unfortunate that this did not get restored.  The Rhinecliff Hotel wich I have written about was in disrepair but thankfully it was restored and is now a real beauty.

Nov 04, 2008 11:08 AM
David F

How does the place look on the inside? It is possible to repair the structure with much money. Look at the Hawkins House which was at least just as bad or even worse. How is the bar, is it salvagable? It is shame with it's condition but nothing is impossible to fix.


Nov 20, 2008 01:27 PM
Laurie Mindnich
Centennial, CO

Jennifer, per the town minutes, sounds like this property is being considered for a purchase- I'd rather see it restored, and have a cool place to socialize in the neighborhood!

David, when we looked at it (peeked in intact windows) in 2002, it was certainly in better shape than it appears now- because all of the lower windows are boarded up now, seeing inside isn't possible. The bar, back then, was (as I recall) quite nice- now you've got me curious enough to take another peek! You're absolutely right- enough money will put anything back together. I'm guessing that local construction companies would love a good challenge right now, and what a help it would be for those involved in a restoration.

Nov 20, 2008 09:33 PM
Bruce Walter
Keller Williams Realty Lafayette/West Lafayette, Indiana - West Lafayette, IN

Hi Laurie,

You've got my history teacher curiosity up.  Was this inn named after the Revolutionary War General "Mad Anthony" Wayne?  He was involved with Gen. Washington's NY area campaigns in the Rev. War.  Just wondering if your husband knew the story on that(not that you didn't!).  It amazes me that even as large as Long Island is to see parts of open space.  I am so ignorant of the NY area.

Anything to update on what has happened since?  Just enjoying reading through your blogs.  Hope you share something soon!  You are fun to read and I love your dry sense of humor!

Jan 14, 2010 10:07 AM
Laurie Mindnich
Centennial, CO

Hey, Bruce!

The only story that we knew was that it was a GREAT place to socialize (the ability to walk home being key), but I'll look into it! We've had some inquiries as to the status of the property- so far, just a continued deterioration, with no effort to provide any sort of maintenance...looks increasingly like a tear down. Sad!!

Jan 15, 2010 09:54 PM
Bruce Walter
Keller Williams Realty Lafayette/West Lafayette, Indiana - West Lafayette, IN

Laurie, sounds like a great place for the police to stake out when it closed every night.  Was anyone ever apprehended for "HIT and RUN"  walking  staggering???    ^_~

Jan 17, 2010 06:44 AM
Laurie Mindnich
Centennial, CO

Public drunks were probably passed out in the long grass next to the pond, or perhaps at the nearby beach- not causing trouble, just relaxing until the General Wayne had its Sunday brunch! It really is in the middle of a residential area, which makes it a compelling challenge for a restauranteur to take advantage of those that remember, and those that have heard the tales, and would be automatic regulars!

Sign me up...

Jan 17, 2010 09:21 AM
George Barbier

We were going through a box of old family photos and came acrss several of the General Wayne Inn.  It was noted on them that the inn was owned by my aunt, Aline Barbier, from 1931 'til 1937.

Just a point of curiousity for those who like to keep track of local historical tidbits.

Jul 10, 2010 10:29 AM
Laurie Mindnich
Centennial, CO

George, I'd love to have you post them- amazing! I'm quite certain that it was a lovely home- it would have been nice for someone to work with what remained after the fire to return it to it's former glory, minus the restaurant (if those in Bayview objected to potential traffic). Not sure why it is being allowed to simply deteriorate!  Thank you for your insight.

Jul 10, 2010 11:40 AM
Mark Krueger

I was in Southold in 98-99 and then I met a man named Vince Rossi who was actually in the middle of restoring the inn. I was to run it but clearly he was running out of money, so I had to bail. Too bad I know the building well as I actually lived upstairs for a few months. He bought the bar from the Astor hotel in Mid town. and it is a beautiful bar.


Apr 13, 2011 03:26 PM
Laurie Mindnich
Centennial, CO

Mark, I'm not sure that the bar remains- it's deteriorated even more from the pics above- part of the roof is caved in. Very sad- it's a great structure...

Apr 14, 2011 10:58 AM
Morgan La Shier
My friends and I had visited the in earlier tonight. It is very over grown. Which throws a sense of Erieness towards us. We didn't step a single foot on the property when we were sittin on our cars and having normal conversations. Mid sentence we were interrupted by screams coming from the inn. We at first ignored it, thinking maybe it was a dog or something from one of the houses near by, but it wasn't too long before another conversation was inturrupted by breaking branches and screams of agony. Shadows were surrounding the grounds and we were terrified. We slowly walked to our car doors and got in our cars without threatening whatever was there. We sat there for a minute or so, then when on our way. One of my friends had a mental breakdown while in the car miles away from it...the inn is beautiful. But I don't like what's around it.
Jan 05, 2012 08:37 PM
Laurie Mindnich
Centennial, CO

Morgan, I would RUN, not walk- maybe I'll check it out today to see what happened...but "eerie" is the perfect description for its current state. Thanks for the insight- think I'll go when it's still light out...

Jan 06, 2012 02:24 AM
anthony wayne snyder

very sad! my father owned the inn back in 60,s.we lived upstairs.

Mar 08, 2012 12:13 AM
Joe W

I've went there back in 2005 (this is before the windows and doors were boarded up) with my wife and best friend. We heard it was haunted but did not believe it. We got there at night (of course) and sat there for an hour. We heard a bunch of weird noises but did not think anything of it. We saw a candle light....moving on the bottom floor. Remember we are still in our car. After another quick glance it was upstairs on the second floor balcony and moving across it to the right slowly. How is that possible when their are no stairs anymore to the second floor because they fell apart....

Jan 18, 2013 06:24 PM
Laurie Mindnich
Centennial, CO

Anthony, it has to be sad, seeing the deterioration.  I hope that someone appreciates it, and fixes it up...

Joe, I'm not sure I'd go visit at night, especially after your observation!  While it was abandoned when we first saw it in 2002, the decay is far more advanced now, and it is a perfect setting for a ghost or two.  Based on the history, probably good ghosts!

Jan 19, 2013 09:33 PM

Sorry all, General Wayne was torn down last year. I live just up the street

Mar 26, 2015 12:31 PM

I grew up across st 1675 cedar beach rd We were one the only black families in southold in the 70's . my brother and I used to ride our bike's thru there all time as kids .it always seemed haunted to me lol ...I remember them being open every blue moon the restaurant it would be packed over there

Jan 22, 2020 01:35 PM