Face book , localism etc. So much to choose---what to do.

Real Estate Sales Representative with Westwood Metes & Bounds

So I am not, how can I say this---well versed on the computer.  My former profession did not require a lot of work on the computer and when I first entered back into real estate in 1999 it did not appear to be so imperative to have a web site and be on many other web sites.

Now all I hear about is SEO and blog, blog blog and how I have to have a "presence" on the web or I will not be successful.  I am an upstate New York Realtor.  I work for a great company that has a good website which is lead capturing.  I have been of service to other people in some capacity or another for most of my life and have a good background in marketing so my question is how much and of what do I need.  I joined Active Rain as it appeared very interesting to me.  I have started to enjoy many of the blogs and am now commenting on them.  I love interacting with other people so that is easy, the hard part is staring at my computer and wondering how to get the SEO I need, where to place myself to get the exposure I need -----so which way do I go George, John, Mary????????


I would love to hear of other struggles of people my age(golden) who were as frustrated as I am and have overcome(yea!!!)  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and support will be mutually returned.  I am looking forward to making new computer friends and to one day claim dominance over this monster---er I mean computer LOL.  I know someone out there understands.

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