Who Listens to Good Advice?

Real Estate Agent with Fillmore Realty
Having spent a significant amount of time in the health care industry providing direct services to patients/client, i can say first hand that enough people do not heed good, sound advice even when it is one's best interest to do so.  The consequence: sometimes minor, sometimes major, but usually negative.  I must admit, I too have not practiced what i preach all the time.  When applying for my first mortgage, of course I remembered those "First Time Home-buyer" classes and their suggestion that you know what's on your credit report before you apply for your loan.  Did I listen?  I did when the loan officer called to inquire about that federal tax lien on my report!!!  How it got there was irrelevant.  It was the impact that was important.  The loan was eventually approved, but the turmoil it created could have been avoided.  I would have rather spent all the time it took to rectify this on my search for a home.  I now inform everyone i know who is considering buying about this personal lesson from someone who thought "Surely it couldn't happen to me".  But, then again, who listens to good advice?

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