Baby Boomer and Nature Lover? Turn your 1031 into Eco-Friendly Creative Retirement Living- Asheville NC's Hickory Nut Forest.

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Looking for Creative Retirement? Baby Boomer and Nature Lover? If you are "at one" with nature- the Hickory Nut Forest Eco Community, Asheville NCwoods, the hills, the shades of leaves of Autumn, the waterfalls- now could be just the right time to RELAX  and turn your 1031 into Eco-Friendly living in Asheville, NC. 

Just this week we were out on our annual Fall Leaves photo shoot .

We meandered up the paved drive (see photo ) and into the woods. The sound of Hickory Nut Creek and distant waterfalls kept us company.  Rustling leaves and songbirds chimed in. And then the music of the wind played in the forest.

And it brought with it another kind of music,  the laughter of grandparents, kids and grandkids in the heirloom orchard at Hickory Nut Forest eco-community. 

So! It wasn't yet time for the annual "Monster Jam".  What could the cheery sound be?

Hickory Nut Forest Eco community, Asheville NC



I looked at my companion and remarked, " AHA! Must  mean the apples are ripe and ready to eat right off the trees!" (see photo)   

No chemicals used here. This is an organic orchard. The juice from the apples is the kind of treat that makes you want to live right in the orchard.   If you are the kind of person who, like me, enjoys mingling with other eco-friendly folks, you will love such gatherings at Hickory Nut Forest Preserve. 

The benefits of camaraderie make me want to  build my green-built dream home at Hickory Nut Forest Eco-community.


Important to NoteHickory Nut Forest's very foundation rests on maintaining a healthy, diverse ecosystem. This is  a place where people can choose to live among caring neighbors, sharing their inspiration and enthusiasm,  a sustainable community that powers the homes by unleashing the renewable energy inherent in the land, the water, the wind and the sun, and a thoughtfully-planned neighborhood, where green-built homes are designed with natural, non-toxic materials to be safe, healthy, and energy efficient, built to the highest green building standards.

 Hickory Nut Forest is an Evolving Eco Community  where Baby Boomers will find much to appreciate:

Beautifully Landscaped (Native Plants) and Hand-Built Rockery Entrance
Earth-Friendly Chip and Seal Paved Roads
Miles of  Walking and Hiking Trails that Lead to 1,000 + Acres of conservation land.
15 Waterfalls on the adjacent conservation land.
Community Electric Vehicle and Net Zero Energy Plan is definitely  in place as is the Meeting/Conference Center . Creative Retirees can look forward to  Special Conferences for Eco-Friendly Audiences.

Personally give me the Nature Parks and Trails. They are designed for All Ages. However, according to RETIRE.NET  creative retirement at Hickory Nut Forest includes:

Pools/Spas Natural pools in Hickory Nut Creek allow brisk dips in mountain "swimming holes," while at nearby Lake Lure, beaches are open for summertime swimming. Part of the common area has been set aside for a future private swimming pool for homeowners.

Outdoor ActivitiesHiking trails wind up Little Bearwallow Mountain and down to beautiful waterfalls on Hickory Nut Creek. Another 5 miles of trails will connect to the Florence Preserve and eventually are planned to extend the length of the gorge to the new Hickory Nut Gorge State Park at Lake Lure.

Golf 15 Golf courses are available within a short 25-minute drive of Hickory Nut Forest.

Tennis Two outdoor hard tennis courts are adjacent to the common area.

Water/ Marina/ Boating A variety of boating opportunities and a marina are located just 10 miles down the gorge at Lake Lure.

Equestrian  facilities are available at Hickory Nut Gap Farm just a few miles away.

 As we completed our photo shoot, we discovered all of this to be spot-on! In fact, a forever-wild land conservation easement surrounds the Hickory Nut Forest Community. This means that the developers have chosen never to allow the land to be developed. Because of this, the forest around your home will always be in its natural state for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come!


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(*)/'(*)    ..........      ............and always remember that " poets are soldiers that liberate words from the steadfast possession of definition." -Eli Khamarov  .......  We are in a sustainable  world, so grab hold of your Muse... dream that world... and make it happen!. .........................    .............

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