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Does the Potential of Auto Crime Impact Your Real Estate Purchase

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When you buy a home do you take security and crime into consideration?

Do you want your Realtor to have data on crime in the areas you are looking?

I would love to hear your thoughts, use the comments option below.

The Vancouver Police Department has done an excellent job reducing auto theft, with our support they can continue to make further progress.

Here are some tips to avoid auto crime from ICBC

* Keep your spare keys in your wallet, not in your car.

* Invest in a good anti-theft device.

* Close windows and lock doors. Take your possessions with you.

* Avoid parking behind fences or hedges.

* At home, light your driveway all night. Elsewhere, park in well-lit areas near pedestrian traffic.

* After opening an automatic gate to underground parking, watch out for thieves waiting to slip inside. Wait for the gate to close behind you.

* Engrave your stereo and other on-board valuables with your driver's licence number.

* Install an anti-theft device to protect your stereo, or buy a unit that's removable and take it with you when you park.

* If you see any suspicious person or activity near a vehicle, call the police immediately.