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I know you have all been waiting for me to declare.... Now that Colin Powell made his decision, I guess I should be next... General Powell decided to cast his vote for Barrack Obama.  He went on Meet the Press to discuss the methods he used to arrive at determining the best candidate for president of the United States.  So I, like General Powell, have utilized thoughtful consideration to arrived at my decision...

My research goes back to the beginning of the 20th century looking to account for the most significant advancements of our American freedom... One of the most significant event happened in 1903 and of course, I am referring to developments and distribution of Crayola Crayons.   Prior to 1903, a regular US citizen could only dream in Black and White.... The original "8" colors hit the USA with a fever pitch and the price was right... just a nickel.  In fact, all was right with the world...Teddy Roosevelt, a Harvard Grad was the 1st president to suggest we move the country toward Universal Health Care (sound familiar) except he was a Republican... and Our government ‘s power was restricted by the Gold Standard (most problems could not be solved by firing up the printing press)...  It was a time when our President was revered as he became the first American to win a Nobel Peace Prize... and did I mention...no enforceable income tax laws (The 16th amendment was still 10 years away)... but still most significant was the fact that our Forefather's helped nail the creation of the first "8" colors... Americans were happy with the original selection of "8" for 41 years.

 In 1949, Americans needed to be reassured of the American Dream....Harry Truman, obviously having incredible influence on one Pennsylvania business lobbied to have the "8" pack of Crayolas expanded to "48"...  the largest single movement in history... growing the color spectrum exponentially...  one color for every state (Yes, Sarah Palin would have been considered Governor of a different country...)

Life would never be the same... Americans always wanting more... and Government giving people what they asked for in exchange for their votes... Democrats have constantly promoted the expansion of the Crayola Box feeding the never ending American Habit of wanting more...  You may not be aware that Bill Clinton was the last President to get a 24 color increase... (current  120 color box)  However, you are all too familiar that Democrats continue to focus on expanding the size of the Box, while Republicans are focused on allowing you fill the Box yourself... neither is focused on how fragile the box has become...

So, in my own way... I have decided this race is about color (I have your interest now)...  It's about my favorite color...Green... Therefore, I have decided to Vote for the Candidate that will give me the most Green for my vote...  So Far, Barack Obama has promised to give 95 % of taxpayers $500 for their vote (40% of those folks don't pay taxes).... He calls it lowering taxes... I call it the "new age" of quid pro quo... So, here is my proposal to Barack Obama... I will vote for you if you give me $60,000 of the $150 million raised in September by your campaign and you pledge to work hard with Hallmark for a 10% reduction in colors...allowing for the fact that some critical colors will not be touched... I think that would be a fair offer...

And, FYI, the $60,000 is not arbitrary... It happens to be my portion of the $10 trillion dollar national debt...  you know the debt... that ugly monster that chews up 16% of the federal budget... the Elephant in the room that has swollen to 72% of the GDP... Oh Yea..., that Debt!  We don't hear much about that.... but Day in and Day out, both McCain and Obama are ignoring the present day realities as they each promise to make everyone's crayon box bigger and better...$500 here, $5000 there...   All on the backs of other people...  Look around my fellow sheep,  those other people are you and your children...

So starting today and over the next two weeks, I hope you make the right choice... Lately, you have been inundated with 1929 talk, endless Wall Street Crash Stories trying to play on your fears... I am not sure of many  things but I am 100% sure, we are never going back to a Box of "8"... but it never ceases to amaze me what excuses politician use to promote false promises and somehow "promises" always get the better of reality...

You have 14 more days... it's up to you to make your own deal...

My offer stands until midnight on November 3rd.... $60,000 is a drop in the bucket...  Let's just call it redistribution...

Ps. you will never know if I received the $60k... it will be between me and the ballot box...

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John Guiney
Keller Williams Realty - Quincy, MA

Tony - Nice to know the price needed to get you to sell out! LOL

Oct 21, 2008 03:38 AM
Richard Iarossi
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - Crofton, MD
Crofton MD Real Estate, Annapolis MD Real Estate

Tony,  Heck, if he gives me just $25K I'll vote for him four times.  Now, where was that Acorn representative again.

Oct 21, 2008 03:44 AM
Loren Johnson
White Bear Lake, MN

If only it were so easy to "sell" my vote!! By the way, have you looked in one of those 80 color boxes these days? Many colors look to the glance to be the same! Kind of like the folks we'll be voting for in 2 weeks.....

Oct 21, 2008 03:46 AM
James G. Pycha
James Pycha (R) - REMAX KAUAI - Princeville, HI
(R), REMAX Kauai Broker

Hi Tony. . .   Thanks for your post.... Really great advice and observations.    How is the market climate in your area??  Keep the Faith . . .   We'll be riding high again . . . 


James Pycha (R)


Oct 21, 2008 03:49 AM
Amanda Evans
DFW Living - Fort Worth, TX
Real Estate Broker - Fort Worth Texas

Very clever. I like it.

Oct 21, 2008 03:52 AM
Associate Broker Falmouth MA Cape Cod Heath Coker
https://teamcoker.robertpaul.com - Falmouth, MA
Heath Coker Berkshire Hathaway HS Robert Paul Prop

That is a colorful disertation on history and pigment.  I don't think 60K would do it for me, though.  LOL

Oct 21, 2008 04:07 AM
Rick Cardenas
Envoy Mortgage - Placentia, CA

Excellent article!

Oct 21, 2008 04:13 AM
Shane OnullGorman
Eau Claire Realty, Inc. - Eau Claire, WI
Eau Claire Wisconsin, Real Estate Agent & Realtor- Buy or Sell

So Obama should be punished for raising more money than McCain? Sounds like Obama is the smarter capitalist to me.

Oct 21, 2008 04:14 AM
Frank Rubi
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC - Metairie, LA

Tony, great job. I usually don't read the longer post but this was well worth it. Yes, the 60k would not work for me either but I would take it and put it to good use. Vote early and often.

Oct 21, 2008 04:15 AM
Tony Marino
Real Living Real Estate Solutions - Orlando, FL
Realtor, Broker, Owner

Thanks for all the great responses... Frank, Heath and John... I understand you disappointment with my offer... I agree that 60k is cheap... I hope Barack feels the same way...

Oct 21, 2008 05:00 AM
Tony Marino
Real Living Real Estate Solutions - Orlando, FL
Realtor, Broker, Owner


thanks for your response... I was one of the only peolpe who voted for George Bush last election... :)

after listing out all of his actions as president... It sounds more like a resume for chairman of the DNC...

Oct 21, 2008 05:05 AM
Tony Marino
Real Living Real Estate Solutions - Orlando, FL
Realtor, Broker, Owner



thanks for your response... The market in Orlando is fine... We have opportunitiesthat have not been available for 5 or 6 years... We have 300 days of sunshine and millions of people trying to find a way to sell their homes and move here... Get this election behind us... bring back a bit of consumer confidence... and you are correct, It's off to the races...

Oct 21, 2008 05:12 AM
Tony Marino
Real Living Real Estate Solutions - Orlando, FL
Realtor, Broker, Owner


Thanks for the comments... He is clever.

Oct 21, 2008 05:15 AM
Molly Petkus
Real Living Petkus, Realtors - Vandalia, OH
CRS, Broker

Love the satire!  Very colorful and creative blog!  $60k's not enough for me.....we can't afford Obama!  As goes the Acorn motto:  VOTE EARLY & VOTE OFTEN!!

Oct 25, 2008 01:35 AM