Real Estate Career Stalled?

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Green Parachute, LLC

Don't put your license in escrow...instead, sign up with us as a Key Agent, and refer all of your business to us at MGP. We then assign that referral to one of our seasoned professional agents who meet our stringent professional, transactional and experiential requirements, regardless of location.

This way you can keep the business contacts you have earned with assurance your clients are being taken care of professionally. These clients will become part of your personal online Contact Portfolio, and any future transactions will be registered to you. From those transactions, you will receive long-term residual income.

Additionally, these clients and their transactions are tracked for you on our internal website, so you can log in at any time and see what's happening with each client and every transaction from your sent referrals.

The market continues to change dramatically and we will experience a further reduction in the number of full time real estate salespeople. If you fall into that category, protect your license, reduce your costs and earn income while not being subjected to the daily grind and frustrations of the business.

For further information on our unique program, visit us at today!

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