You have the Right!

Title Insurance with First Choice Title Services
First Choice Title Serviceswould like to make everyone aware in Flagler County and Orange County, that if they are closing a real estate transaction and they are paying the title insurance they have the right by law to choose which title company to use. There are real estate agents who are not aware of this right for there customers, so we are trying to get the word out. Title insurance rates are regulated by the state of Florida, so every title company will charge the same fee for Title Insurance. Title insurance companies can charge what amounts they want to for other services they provide. You can contact a title company and ask them for a fee sheet so you can see what charges they charge. First Choice Title Services offers Realtors a seller and buyer calculation sheet on our website that calculates all the fees automatically for them. They would just input a couple items and hit calculate and they are ready to show there clients what they will be making on there property or how much they can estimate on what they would need for there closing. Our website is:  If you are a Realtor, please visit our site for more useful information.

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