Haven't Seen the Worst

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Towne Realty

Although most people believe we have hit the bottom of the real estate market, I'm not so sure we have seen the worst . . . yet. Last September 2007 I predicted the market would start to turn around towards the end of 2009 - that looks like it may be the case. Even though we are seeing record foreclosures in Georgia (as well as all over the U.S.), there are more to come due to the foreclosure process taking longer because of sheer volume. Of course, once we have seen the bottom of this economic crash it will still take some time to feel the effects -i.e. market value declines. However, it's not all doom and gloom for real estate in Georgia. It's a great time to invest in properties if you can hold that property for at least two to four years or utilize for rental or commercial.  Lenders are starting to loosen up their purses now and soon we will see less stringent mortgage restrictions so buyers can borrow again.

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