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Property taxes in the US and Canada

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I think it would be very interesting if people would consider posting the property taxes on their principal residences, approximate value  and the city and state or province of where they reside. It would give us and who ever sees the results some kind of idea of the huge differences in some of these figures based on location. As for myself, I live on Vancover Island, British Columbia, Canada and I pay about 700/yr in taxes. My property is 1.5 acres and has a 2400sq.ft as new home and is serviced by its own well and septic. The approximate value would be around $575,000

Ray Spooner
John L. Scott Columbia Gorge - Bingen, WA

Vancouver Island certainly is a beautiful place to live!  Our MLS has a space to input the property taxes.  As long as the listing agent is conscientous about entering all the data, cooperating brokers can readily find it.

I live in a rural town of about 500 in a mostly rural county in Southwest Washington.  We remodeled a building that was the meeting hall for the Baptist church for nearly 50 years.  It is now a 2500 square foot home on a half acre, and the taxes are currently just over $1,600 per year.  The market value is in the neighborhood of $220,000.  Do you have a buyer?

Oct 22, 2008 04:10 AM