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My name is Judy Mauer, Creatively Organizing, which is in business to serve several markets of customers, of which is the real estate agent and homeowners trying to sell.  I am glad to have joined Active Rain and to become part of its blogging community!  I will be posting all kinds of tips and insights here.  And you can check out my site:

Tip for Real Estate Agents

Most Real Estate Agents realize the importance of staging a home, especially in today's market. Yet, they bulk at the idea of bringing up the clutter and conditions of some of the homes they go into for fear of offending the client.  If you are not quite sure how to approach your seller around this delicate subject, my suggestion to you is to consider offering as part of your listing benefits a home staging consultation.  They cost about $100-125 and can also be taken as a business expense.  If you make it part of your regular listing package that you offer to all of your potential sellers, you will not run the risk of offending any of your sellers.  Rather, they will say things like, "Wow! the other agents didn't offer that.--Let's  go with them."

With Creatively Organizing your client will never be asked questions about budget and they will receive a written report with staging recommendations presented by priority, as a menu of separately priced options (email: us and we will send you a sample report).  Your seller may then choose to implement any or all of the recommendations themselves, or solicit the services of the home stager for any components without pressure.

What we offer in Staging Services

Organizing: It is essential that when selling your home you stage behind the scenes and create the sense of lots of storage room.  Let Judy , the professional organizer, move you through the process of clearing and organizing your closet, garage and other storage areas--readying them for the sale of your home.  She will bring these areas to magazine photo standards. 

Staging: Judy has a keen eye for what will attract real estate agents with buyers.  Get your home ready to show and sell it soon!   She is available to stage any home that is occupied. If your home is vacant, she has some great stagers to recommend.  To stage behind the scenes and in the decor of your home will ensure that your home stands out and sells. 

Moving & Downsizing:  Creatively Organizing will take care of coordinating all or any part of your moving needs. Judy will organize movers and guide you through the release of all the "stuff" that is unwanted, or no longer necessary.  She is the organizer who will coordinate all the necessary people and materials to pack, clean, un-pack, and arrange your new home and saves you time and often money in the long run. 

 Staging Tips: (More tips and insights will be posted here check back!)

  • First and foremost: Since 55% of first impressions is visual appearance, when staging work from "curb-to-back".  The nicer it looks when they drive up the more likely they will be to get out of the car and come in.  Then work on the entry way and so on, moving to the back of the home. 

  • Even out your staging efforts: Vacant homes, if you have one room that is fully staged and nothing in any other part of the house, it will create a feeling of imbalance and impact the potential buyer psychologically in a way that they will not be able to identify-they just won't feel right.

  • Clear Clutter:  Clutter closes in a space making it feel chaotic.  Go through your belongings and release all of that "stuff" that has accumulated that you don't need and is not important to you. Create a sense of clarity.

  • Purchase storage bins: that can be neatly stacked and pack-up the "stuff" you don't need now early, prior to the sale of your home.  Neatly stacked containers in a closet will actually give a nice presentation of how much can be stored in a closet and a clean feel.  I recommend plastic bins for any packed items you will store inside the home and you can get away with nice, new boxes for items you will pack and store in the garage.

  • Organize drawers, cabinets & your closet:  Relieve yourself of unwanted items and pack items that you don't need now.  You might purchase some storage containers made for drawers and stackers for cabinets to make a nice presentation. These can be purchased at the dollar stores, Family Dollar, Dollar General, etc. very inexpensively. Or, try Target, Wall-Mart, etc.

  • Nic-Nacs: There should be no more than three item on any surface of any piece of furniture.  These items should be decorative and non-personal in nature.  The goal is to take yourself out of the surroundings while keeping the atmosphere warm and inviting so that a prospective buyer cannot help but to visualize themselves living in the home.  One of the reasons that people love to look home decorating magazines and want the homes that they see, is because of the absence of anyone's personal expression.

  • Remove religious or spiritually expressive items:   These items can also have a negative psychological impact on the potential buyer, depending on their belief systems. 

  • Colors: should be as neutral as possible in warm hues. There is a lot you can do to tame overbearing colors without having to repaint.

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Nicole Weidauer
Keller Williams Greater Seattle - Shoreline, WA

Organizing, Staging, Moving & Downsizing- That IS the key to effectively presenting a home for the market. Staging is not enough- you must organize and downsize too. It helps with getting the home sold, and helps when you end up moving!

Thanks for sharing, Nicole Weidauer

The Egerer & Weidauer Team, Keller Williams Realty North Seattle

Oct 22, 2008 08:47 AM