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Tips For Choosing Hardwood Flooring

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It always seems like every day we are being bombarded with more facts. We learn about what we are eating, what is happening in the world and what is good for us. We digest facts about the cars we drive, the coffee we drink and the homes that we live in and sometimes those facts can become a little overwhelming.

But when it comes to choosing the flooring for your home, it is important to know the facts about your choices. Your floors, after all, are something that you will be living with for the next 20 or 30 years so it makes sense to understand everything you can about them.

When it comes to hardwood flooring, there are a few facts about them that you should take into consideration before purchasing.


Looking at the cost of some hardwood can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you are comparing those prices with laminate. Hardwood is the more expensive option but it is well worth spending the few extra dollars for.

Life span:

This is the main reason why hardwood is the better choice when it comes to cost. Hardwood should last a lifetime if it is properly cared for and installed. Most laminates and other floors have a life span of about 20 years, which can be very impressive but the manufacturers of hardwood often guarantee that their floors will last for the life of the house, if not longer.


This may seem like a strange word to apply to hardwood but it is a fitting one indeed. Hardwood is a very versatile flooring that can go anywhere. It comes in a variety of shades, patterns and grains please see our list at the end of this article.

Not only is hardwood multi-functional, it can be installed in a variety of ways such as glued, floating, nailed and you can also produce a parquet floor with it.


While hardwood may not be as durable as some types of flooring, it has gone a long way from the scratch weary floors of yesteryears. Now a days, hardwood can stand a lot of abuse and ill treatment. Sure you can't run across them in stilettos, but they can handle being in high traffic areas such as front hallways, kitchens and family rooms.

Air Quality:

Maybe your hardwood floor isn't going to help your total air quality but they are much better for keeping down allergens that are normally trapped in carpet. For this reason, many manufactures claim that hardwood is the hypo-allergenic choice that makes sense.

Regardless, hardwood floors are easier to keep clean and you will never have to worry about allergens in your carpets again.

The Different Types of Hardwood Flooring:

No matter what you are looking for in your flooring, hardwood can probably accommodate it. It can be found in almost every color, pattern and style. It will fit any space and it will provide home owners with a stylish floor.

Before you purchase your hardwood, it is important to look into the different kinds of hardwood flooring. Ask your dealer about the qualities of each hardwood and discuss what will work best in your home. For your convenience we have listed the hardwoods that are available.

· Teak

· Lacewood

· Morado

· Red Oak

· White Oak

· Bamboo

· Yellow Poplar

· Aromatic Red Cedar

· Purpleheart

· Butternut

· White Ash

· Australian Cypress

· Beech

· Walnut

· Fir/Larch

· Cherry

· Zebrawood

· Padauk

· Hickory

· Bubinga

· Yellow Birch

· Mesquite

· Black Walnut

· Southern Yellow Pine

· Hard Maple

· Merbau

· Basswood

· Jatoba

· Mahogany

· Spanish Cedar

· Soft Maple

· Alder

· Antique Heart Pine

Sirena Van Schaik is a professional writer who provides information on hardwood flooring and wood flooring for A1 Wood Flooring.

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The bamboo sounds like a great alternative, but how can I ensure that a brand has an actual long wear composition?

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