"I could REALLY use your help!"

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A good friend of mine came to me the other day and said he was trying to raise funds for his foundation. The first thing that came to mind was....OMG how are you going to raise money with the economy in this state?

Well, he told me about this fundraiser that doesn't ask for money. WHAT???? Not asking for money...how does it raise funds?

The program is with Insider Pages. They pay the foundation for reviews that are written on businesses. So he says to me..."I could REALLY use your help." And after thinking about it for a few days and looking over the site, I thought what a great way to touch base with my clients. It's also a great site to refer out of state/relocating clients to because they can read the reviews.

The link to the fundraiser is:


I'm sending out the following letter:

Hi Everyone!   I am helping my friend Chris raise money for his Foundation. With times so tough, we understand that no one has extra funds.   We have developed a fundraiser that only requires a few minutes of your time. It is also a great way to promote your own business.   Insiderpages has agreed to pay the Foundation for every review written. Anywhere from .25-$1.00 each. Write reviews for your favorite Realtor (wink), mortgage company, Doctor, Dentist, car dealer, title company....you get the idea.

The Foundation is LC National Sportsman Foundation. They provide support to Disabled Veterans and their families. Most of these Veterans are in wheelchairs and can't earn enough to support their families. The foundation sponsors trips and outings. They also help these families by finding jobs and suitable housing. This is a non-profit organization.   Please click the link below and write some reviews.  


  Thanks for your support!

If you feel inclined to pass it on, please do so. It really is for a good cause.

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