From the report on the fianncial condition of the US Governemnt

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Unsustainable Debt

As noted earlier, the Government must borrow from the public to finance any gaps between expenditures and

revenues. Increased borrowing leads to higher debt service (net interest) which in turn can make it more difficult to

balance expenditures and revenues in the future. Chart J shows that by 2030, public debt is projected to rise to 68

percent of GDP, surpassing the non-wartime peak of 49 percent in 1993. By 2040, public debt is projected to be 128

percent of GDP, well above the

World War II peak of 109 percent,

and by 2080, debt is projected to

approach 600 percent of GDP.

At some point before the debt

reaches such unprecedented levels,

the world's financial markets

would likely cease lending to the

United States. Although the

precise point at which this would

occur is unknown, these projected

debt levels cannot be sustained

indefinitely. Many economists

believe that persistent debt / GDP

levels over 100% are unhealthy.

The U.S. is projected to surpass

that mark within the next 30 years,

with the debt/GDP ratio at that

point on a continually and dramatically rising trajectory (more than 10 percentage points per decade through 2080).

Avoiding the catastrophic consequences of this fiscal path will require action to bring program expenditures in line

with available resources. How soon those actions are taken will greatly influence their ultimate impact on the


I wish the chart showed up but pretty sovering facts here...hope we as a country are listen to what they are saying...

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Richard Sweum
1st Security Bank - Everett, WA

You know, the great thing about capitalism is that risk cuts both ways...and every bear market is followed by a longer and more sustained bull market.  If the bear is denied its will not go away and hibernate!  We need to let it roam about for awhile, then the bulls can come out and play!

Oct 24, 2008 03:06 AM
Richard Sweum
1st Security Bank - Everett, WA

BTW...relax, go have a beer or 4 at the Rocking R Bar!!!!

Oct 24, 2008 03:07 AM
Nathan Goodman
Ranch & Resort Group - Bozeman, MT

I hear you I am going to get a couple of drinks but the humor is lost to me because the above excert from the financial state of the economy report by the Fed's is scary and we shouldn't ignore it, but hey its the American Way...

Oct 24, 2008 03:26 AM