Allstate's New Your Choice Home Packages

Services for Real Estate Pros with Allstate Insurance Co.

In addition to the great rates and service that we already provide, Allstate Insurance has taken it a step further and introduced " Your Choice Home" packages.  These packages can be added to your current Allstate Home policy if you are already insured with Allstate or to your new policy. 

 Our Platinum Package includes the following:

*Guaranteed Renewal - helps assure customers that they will not be non-renewed as a result of claim activity.  

*Claim Free Rewards - Every year when your policy renews, if you were claim free the previous year, you will receive up to 5% of your policy back as a credit on your renewal.  

 *Claim Rate Guard - You will not receive a surcharge on your policy for filing your first claim (one claim surcharge waiver every 5 years).


There are other options available also to further custom tailor the policy to meet your individual needs.


Please call or email me for a free quote or details of the packages we offer.




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