What does Warren Buffett say about this economy?

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What does Warrent Buffett say about this economy?

In a recent article I read on MSN.com, Warrent Buffett was asked about the current economy.  The article was mainly about the stock market, but I think what he said was great advice for investors in the current real estate marketplace - "Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful."

I have investor clients who are very excited about the real estate investment opportunities for sale in market.  Although I've only had my real estate license for a little over a year, my advice to "newbies" that are JUST getting started is this: find someone in your real estate company who works with a savvy investor, or investors, and ask them if you can help them with anything and everything. 

This storm of foreclosures is going to be rumbling over us for a little while longer.  If you position yourself with the right real estate investor who's looking to be greedy for the long haul, you'll be seeing sunshine all the way to the bank.

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