Why pay a bonus to the selling agent?

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Coldwell Banker, Mountain View Real Estate

Considering selling or haven't sold yet?  Has it been suggested to offer a bonus to attract agents to show your property?  Will the bonus amount be disclosed to the prospective buyer?

If you were a buyer and not desiring to sell a property...would you feel the need to pay the agent any more than the brokerage fee his/her firm will earn at the closing of a sale?  If a seller is offering to pay a bonus, which can be viewed as being paid from the loan of the seller, why wouldn't a buyer insist that instead of paying a bonus use the money to lower the purchase price OR apply it towards closing costs?  In North Carolina any bonus or anything of significant value that could be earned is to be disclosed to the buyer.

If you are buying and a bonus is offered insist that the price be lowered by the amount of the bonus amount, the amount be used towards buyer's closing cost, or the bonus be paid as a rebate/credit to the buyer.  If a lender is involved...speak to the lender for approval if used as a rebate or towards closing costs.

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