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Years ago my grandmother would use the old saying that I'm sure your familiar with; "lay down with the dogs and you'll get up with the flees."  Everyday I become more aware of how important relationships are in our lives.  They have a tendency to bring the best or worst out of us.   Early in my professional life I made a life choice to surround myself with people that would help me reach my potential.  I could not be what God intended me to be or what I wanted to be if I had a daily dose of negativity, despair, and discouragment dumped in my lap everyday.  That means at times you have to "weed the garden" or say "bye, bye now" to those people who are a constant drain and source of defeat in your life.

At the same time you have to cultivate people around you and look for those who have positive spirits, uplifting words, and motivating habits.  Find people who are gifted in areas that you feel weak in and create a relationship.  Ask them to mentor and guide you as you branch out into unfamiliar territories and tasks that you find difficult.  Watch their work habits, skills, and daily routines and incorporate those that fit you into your daily habits.  

Last determine your strengths and continue to work on those until you have them near perfection and then teach them to others and give back to those whom you've chosen to be a part of your personal and professional life.  See people as they want to be seen, treat people as you want to be treated, work at growing strong, profitable relationships and I guarantee you'll reap good rewards. 

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Daniel Blankenship
Real Living Advantage - Dalton, GA

You are very wise grasshopper!

Oct 24, 2008 01:42 AM