Clients growing tired of negative press from the media

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Many of our clients have been concerned with all of the bad press lately regarding the housing market.   The reality of it is that here in the DFW area what we are experiencing isn't so terrible.  Yes, it has slowed down but our market has certainly not suffered the hits that some other markets such as California and Florida have.  However, since the market is moving at a slower pace, why not capitalize on it?  Warren Buffet says that he buys when others are fearful to buy.  We sent the following email out today to all our clients:

•  Are you upset that your 401(k) currently has a negative rate of return?

•  Are you frustrated that your children's college savings accounts have lost money this past year?

•  Are you annoyed at Wall Street and the executives that run public companies?

Do you lose sleep at night thinking about the economy and your financial future?

We can help!  Put your future in your own hands!  Now is a great time to purchase a real estate investment property!  Many of our clients have expressed an interest in investing in real estate in this uncertain economy.  You are not the only one unsure about where to invest your money given the state of the stock market. Some of you have considered moving your investments from the stock market to the real estate market.  This is a great time to invest in real estate as there are many foreclosure and short sale properties available in our market.  The DFW area is unique in that our local economy is doing well and property values continue to increase.  By purchasing a foreclosure or short sale property right now, you will be able to get a great rate of return over time!  Many of these properties are not distressed and need minimal work.  The banks need to get rid of their non-performing assets!   In addition, the IRS offers tax breaks for real estate investors, including depreciation, the capital gains tax rate, and section 1231 exchanges. 

The Home II Home Team is your source for real estate investing!  Over the past three years, we have closed over 50 HUD properties along with numerous REO properties.  We have access to foreclosure lists and we have a unique software system that is very easy to use and will calculate your rate of return on any given property, which is complementary to our clients! We believe in investing, we do it for our own families!

In order to begin investing in real estate you will need to do the following:

1) Contact us to get an idea of the hot areas.  We can help you determine where the best opportunities are depending on your investment goals.  If you are unsure what your goals are, we can help you establish those. 

2) Locate a lender.  We can help you find a lender and yes, mortgages are still readily available.  This is a critical step because your lender will inform you of the amount of down payment that you will need, your interest rate (this rate will be different from an owner-occupied home), and your closing costs associated with purchasing an investment property.  Similar to purchasing an owner-occupied home, you must have a pre-qualification letter in order to make an offer.

3) Begin searching for properties online.  There are a variety of sites you can search on, including  In addition, if we know specifically what you are looking for we can set you up through our MLS software system, Prospect Gateway, in which we email properties directly to you!  Once you are comfortable with what is available on the market and you have an idea of what you are looking for, you can move forward.

4) Make an appointment to view homes with your Realtor.  We will be able to discuss with you the features of each home including future re-sale potential.

5)  Make an offer on your chosen property!  We will help you with the financial side of purchasing a property.  In addition, after the property has closed we can refer you to contractors and other real estate professionals that you may need.  Should you decide to rent or sell your real estate investment in the future, we can assist you with that as well.

6) Reap the benefits of your savvy real estate investment!  Here is a great example of how you could benefit: purchase a property now and pay for your children's future college education by selling or re-financing when your kids are ready to start college! 

Don't worry for one more day about your financial future, call today for a free consultation!  It's a great time to take advantage of a buyer's market, but we aren't sure how long it will last!

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