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Home Staging can sell your house faster at the best price! What is Home Staging? Home Staging   is the art of strategically preparing a home going on the market so it shows off its best features in a positive manner. The entire objective is to make the house look as good as possible to as many potential home buyers as possible, thus increasing its chances for a quicker sale at the highest expected market value price for its area. Home Staging is the hottest new concept in real estate marketing and it is being used by savvy realtors and home sellers all over the country. Both are benefiting greatly!

     A prospective home buyer makes a decision on whether to buy a house within the first few minutes (some estimate the first 15 seconds) of viewing. Most buyers make that decision with their heart and not their head. They buy on emotion. First impressions are all important and curb appeal is vital! If your home does not give out the right signals then potential buyers are likely to go elsewhere with their house hunting in search of that "right feeling".

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Hi Guys, Sorry I have not called you, I had a great-nephew borned on last Friday, in Charleston, S.C. so I came down last Thursday with my sister, I did not want her to make the drive alone,  and came back down tonight, the baby will have 'open heart' surgery tomorrow a.m. Please remember him and his family in your prayers. He will have 3 more surgerys to go. Hope things are well with you all. Hope to hear from you soon.

Oct 28, 2008 04:15 PM