How to become a Home Stager in 5 days?!

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Life of a Home Stager - How to become a Home Stager in 5 days?!

Are you like me? Watching all the design shows on tv and wondering, how can I do something that is rewarding, challenging, fun, artistic and here's the big one..........get paid for it? Preferably, enough money to make a good living.....


How I discovered Home Staging

One day, my Mom was telling me how my cousin had hired a stager to come in and stage her home for sale. She said it sold in less than 2 weeks while others in the area had been sitting for months. Many of her neighbors had taken price reductions of ten to fifteen thousand dollars per adjustment while my cousin had only spent 2,000 getting her home ready and sold in 12 days for almost full price. I was happy for my cousin, but why all the details about home staging?

Then the conversation took an interesting twist. My Mom told me that my cousin was thinking about becoming a stager and that anyone could become a stager in just 5 days of training!!!

 Could this be true? 5 days?? Sure enough, after researching, I discovered many "schools" delivering a complete ‘business in a box' program for home staging and never looked back.

 Today I am a successful home stager with a school of my own located in the beautiful town of Valencia, located 30 miles north of Los Angeles, California. I have incorporated all of the things I thought were missing from other training programs and have what I consider to be the most comprehensive home staging program available. For a fraction of the time and cost of a typical design program, you can learn the craft of home staging and be paid handsomely for your professional skills that help homeowners retain as much profit for their home as possible.

Click here for more information on choosing the right school for you.


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