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Ok, so I havent posted anything in a while. As a Real Estate Agent and a Coach I sometimes have to chose between what is right and what I am going to say.


I dont know about you but everyday I seem to get an email with a title like ' REO secrets" learn how to sell REO's for banks. I get emails about how I can get on the secret lists and the backdoor phone numbers. I actively have relationships with hundreds of real estate agents all across the United States and none I repeat none of them have found the magic bullet.

Do you want to know the reality of those "books" and "coaching systems". Let's start with the books, the books in most cases are the same book, writen by one person and repackaged and repackaged. The Coaching Company I used to work for out and out steals there information on REO's directly from another company. Don't believe me send me your list or book and I will send you  the real source of the infomation, word for word, page by page in some cases.


Coaching systems, If you purchase a Coaching system look to see if the Coach actually sells REO's or if they are teaching you anything, are they doing it or are they full of crap. WOW Dan that sounds really critical. Sorry, I have witnessed it. Again, I was a Coach at one of the largest Coaching compaines and I was offered to teach the REO class. When I would not teach the class for peanut the owners advised me that they were hiring someone else. That person does have a real estate license however is not and has never sold a single REO property. If you have any questions about this dont believe me go check your Coach out. Google them, check their production, do that with me today.


Ok, this has not been about slinging mud and calling out Tim and Julie Harris again this is about being of service. If you would want to be successful in Listing REO's here is the fastest way to do it. Find out who the other Agents in your market place are listing with and apply with those companies. You need a coach to keep you accountble to accomplish your goals, to help you rethink your decisions and to keep you on track.  If you feel like you are a dollar sign to your Coach you are. Ask me how I know I was a dollar sign a large dollar sign. I paid a lot of money to people that never really cared about me they only cared about how much I would give them. Dont be a victim of this.... There are no silver bullets. If you want to be Coached find a Coach that is not selling you snake oil, find a Coach that cares about you and wants your to be successful..


I wish you continued success,,,,,, If you have any questions I am available via email at or cell phone 321 388 7055.


Coach Dan Grieb

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Richard Riley
RE/MAX Properties SW - Orlando, FL

Good post Dan.  In a time numerous foreclosures it sure would be good to spread the REO business around.  The business is too concentrated in the hannds of too few.  Servicve suffers too often.

Oct 25, 2008 02:02 PM
Beth Atalay
Cam Realty and Property Management - Clermont, FL
Cam Realty of Clermont FL


Great Comment!! I also got sucked into one of these "Expensive" coaching programs which cost me $12,000(ouch!!) They don't really care about what you do, where you do it and how as long as you pay the $$$$

Oct 27, 2008 12:13 PM