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Is it just me or has Real Estate in New London County, CT picked up lately?

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I can bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan....

Anyone who thinks Real Estate has slowed to a grinding halt should have followed me around last week, and many of my colleagues feel the same.

Here is what my week looked like:

My week started with a team of my colleagues on the grievance committee.   I can assure you we take our jobs seriously on this committee, but I can't tell you what we did while we were there.  It's top secret stuff.

A relatively new set of buyers who have looked at several houses have now narrowed down their search to this one short sale property.  We had 2 showings at this home this week including the showing to show the parents.  There were many phone calls to and from their lender before they consider an offer, knowing it will be a long shot and a long road if they select this property.

I am searching diligently for a home for another first time homebuyer who has a very specific criteria.  Every day I'm on the computer finding him the next new listing that will meet his demands.   On Wednesday evening the perfect house comes on the market, he and his wife run right over, in the dark, to look at the property.   We quickly act by making an appointment to view the next day and making appointments for contractors to view and write estimates as it needs work and he'll be putting an offer in with a 203K loan.  This is a bank owned property so just like the short sale, I know I'll be putting in a lot of time on this one.

Monday night there was a meeting at our office with a local Real Estate attorney.  He was giving us advice on how to survive in this business during a challenging market and how to handle the changes coming our way.  He handed out his business cards but no need since I have his number on my speed dial as he is the attorney for the local board of realtors and a great resource for all of my questions.

Wednesday was my monthly meeting with the developer of Greenbrier to discuss marketing strategies and leads that have come in recently.

On Tuesday a condo buyer met me at my office to write an offer on a condo.  That offer did not go well at all.  "We are rejecting your offer, good luck to you, have a nice life", about sums up the seller's response.   Undefeated we moved on to another unit in the same condo complex.   I ran over to preview the property on Thursday after calling the seller's agent and decided the property would be perfect for my client.   I took pictures and zipped them to my client at work, the next day she scooted out on her lunch break to look at the property herself and she signed the offer on the kitchen counter.  

I received and negotiated a multiple offer situation on one of my listings, yes that still happens.    Had to break the bad news to the one agent and the good news to the other, then there was the rushing around to obtain signatures to ‘seal the deal'.  

I spent a lot of time on the phone planning open houses, extending contracts, setting up appointments for my listings, returning calls on my listings and anything else that came my way.

Much of my week was spent trying to keep a deal together that has had many challenges since we started in July.  Countless phone calls to and from the listing agent, attorney, bank, and client sharing what we've heard.

I received a phone call from a previous buyer who is considering purchasing a piece of land behind his property.  We talk for a while about the pros and cons and risks.

Followed up with potential buyer who I showed a property to for the first time.  It doesn't look like this property will work for them but I'll keep my eyes out for another.  I sent them over to drive through Greenbrier this weekend, I think they are the perfect new buyers for that new subdivision.   I hope to hear back from them soon.

At the end of the week I have phone duty at the office.   This gives me time to catch my breath and perform some mail outs between phone calls.   When things are busy it's definitely not the time to stop marketing yourself.   If you're on my list, look for my next mailing mid November. 

One of the joys of keeping your own schedule is that I was able to sneak in a couple of lunches with friends.

Friday evening I was headed to one of those home parties with a friend, my phone was ringing non stop trying to put another deal together.  My friend commented ‘don't they know it's Friday evening and it's almost 7 p.m.!'   Yes, they know.  But, my friend, Real Estate never sleeps!  

Here's to another busy week and low gas prices!!