Yes people are buying and selling in Stafford, VA "IF IT'S PRICED WELL IT WILL SELL"

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty

I am just so excited that this month has 4 closings each week and an additional one that just got pushed into the first week of December.  We are very lucky to be working for some wonderful clients here in the Northern VA market, both buyers and sellers, and both realize how important it is to price your home right so that it will sell quickly.  With the higher then average inventory on the market one of the big keys is simple, PRICE..if it is priced well it will sell! 

For example, our listing in HAMPTON OAKS was listed for only 5 weeks, where the average home in that price range is sitting for 5-8 months, all due to a pricing strategy.  We put it on the market where our clients were comfortable starting and right off the bat disussed our price reduction strategy.  "We" would have been best served starting off with a lower price, but tested the market to see what what would happen.  Around the second week we were talking price reduction and it was then that the house was listed where both buyers found a value and the sellers were still happy with what they would walk away with.  And in less then 5 weeks we had a ratified contract. 

The buyers are just as savy here is Stafford, and with the homes that are seen as a value they are buying.  It is interesting, as in this market most buyers know what they want and what they are willing to pay for it.  They are asking us to include specific clauses into the deals and realize the power of the buyer in this market.  Again, if it is priced well it will sell!

There is more that goes into the story here in Northern VA, and if you are in need of help finding the Fair Market Value of your Home, or more information about a home you have seen on the market, is happy to provide a free on line market analysis.  We will be posting market statistics and updates on trends so please check back soon!

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