Life is Still Good, Tell Someone About it!

Real Estate Agent with Century 21 Select Properties

I just want to say that life is still good, and telling someone else about it creates a positive mindset.  I usually try to surround myself with positive people--in fact, that is why I chose work where I do.  Now, I realize that for many in this country life is rough.  I, too, have hit some rough patches, but I try to make each day a good one and hope that I have the strength and wisdom to deal with the bad days.  My brokers are just great people and they also seem to surround themselves with positive people.  In such a tough market, if you are doing well, I think you should show it--it creates positive energy and, I think, success.  To show this, my brokers decided to have a party.  They called it, "RealtorFest."  We had a cookout at the office and invited other Realtors, friends, vendors, bankers, etc. just to get together to network and create some positive energy in an otherwise negative economy atmosphere.  With the media telling us each day that we should be down in the dumps and that the housing market is down there with us, why not get together and celebrate success.  These days, success doesn't have to mean that we are more profitable at this point than we were last year, it can also mean that we can keep the lights on this month, that we still have a business not operating in the red, and that we still have our family, our friends, and our co-workers.  Brilliant idea, I say.  It is alway healthy to get around other people who share your same struggles--chances are you'll find those in worse shape than you and those in better shape than you.  The beauty of this is that you can learn from them and they from you.  So, if you're down in the dumps, I say celebrate.  Show off your successes--they may be really small right now, but are still evidence that you are trying.  Trying is half the battle in our industry these days and, if you try really hard, the small successes will turn into larger ones as things get better.  Keep your chin up and when you fall down, get up, keep going, and never look back! 

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