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Staging Your Home For a Successful Sale!

You’ve likely seen the magic of home staging on TV’s real-estate makeover shows. Now you can steal these 10 tips and tricks from the pros to fluff up your own home’s appeal.

Home staging has hit prime time. You may marvel at what can be done in a 30-minute TV episode by a team of trained professionals, yet the reality is that you can achieve many of the same effects yourself. Your DIY efforts can impress agents and homebuyers and result in a faster sale for more money.

Before you get started, stop thinking of your house as your home. Treat it as an investment or commodity you’re trying to sell. Be a marketer and move your product using these 10 essential home-staging tips.

1. Raise your curb appeal. Potential buyers who drive by or drive up to visit should be greeted with a neat and tidy exterior. Trim the lawn and hedges. Clear the driveway of garbage cans, bikes and toys. Make sure your front porch, doors, and windows are gleaming and that eaves are clean and clear.

2. Clean obsessively. Clean as though your home is about to be inspected — because it is. Don’t miss any surface — door handles, windows, walls, appliances, floors, under furniture and behind the toilet. Rent a steam-cleaner for carpets and drapes. Buyers will usually look at the furnace and inside the garage too, so don’t ignore these areas.

3. Make minor repairs. Hire a handyman to make those long-neglected minor repairs such dripping faucets, aging caulking or loose tiles.

4. Purge closets and cupboards. Experts suggest that one third to one half of the contents of all closets and kitchen and bathroom cupboards should be removed. It will make your storage space look roomier, and it will help homebuyers imagine putting their things away here.

5. Kill the clutter. Even a clean room can look small and messy when filled with clutter. Remove knickknacks, newspapers, magazines, and clear your countertops of appliances. Pack up some of your books, CDs and other collections to give your home some breathing room.

6. Remove signs of daily living. You want your house to have that not-so-lived-in look, like a hotel room, so potential buyers won’t get distracted by your belongings. Remove all collectibles, photos, trophies and diplomas. Clear the bathroom of shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles in open view.

7. Paint in a neutral colour. Painting is a good investment — it’s relatively inexpensive but can add to your home’s resale price. Choose neutral colours and avoid anything trendy. The last thing you want is for potential buyers to think the décor won’t work with their furnishings.

8. Lighten up. Make sure windows are spotless to let in more natural light. Strategically place floor and table lamps to brighten up any dark corners. Buyers want “bright and airy,” so that’s what you should show them.

9. Update fixtures. Dated light fixtures, cabinet hardware and even faucets should be updated to something more contemporary, but neutral.

10. Edit your furniture. Clear unnecessary furniture from a crowded room and rearrange what’s left into conversation areas. Make sure your furniture doesn’t block doors from opening or light from coming in through windows.

Of course, in some cases, you may have your home staged professionally. If that’s the case, you can still do much of this work yourself to save on the costs.

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