Save Energy By Adjusting Your Hot Water Heater

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Every morning, my clock radio wakes me up.  Some mornings I hear music, some mornings I hear DJ chatter and other times I hear commercials. Lately I have been bombarded by hot water heater commercials.  The gas company is giving away a FREE gas hot water heater, then the power company is giving away a FREE hot water heater.  Both claim to be the best.  It almost makes me want to buy a hot water heater so I can get something for FREE.  Most people have a preference already and the FREE hot water heater will not sway them.  When Buying A Home in Hoover, Alabama, the listing information available to the buyer will designate which type is available in the home.


Both gas and electric claim to be more energy efficient.  Solar Powered hot water heaters could be an option here in Alabama because we get lots of sun. I recently read that they were repealing some funky law that required you to have a huge insurance policy when using solar power and selling it back to the Power Company - so if you've looked into solar before, then look again.  I sold a house once that had a solar hot water heater. At first the client was apprehensive because he was unfamiliar with it, but he absolutely loved it.


The hot water heater will have an Energy Guide sticker which will rate the efficiency of the unit.  Check it out - I was in a house the other day with a client and THAT hot water heater was rated 1 point below the highest energy use rate. It said that unit was estimated to use $420 per year in energy cost.  If you could get one lower, that could pay for a new hot water heater and help the environment. AND if you got the FREE hot water heater, you'd have money in your pocket!


Don't need a new hot water heater just yet - or yours is pretty efficient already? You can make your current hot water heater more efficient by adjusting the thermostat. Many people have the temperature pushed way up. The thermostat should be between 115 and 120 degrees to get the best efficiency and still have the hot water you need. Also, if your hot water heater is in an attic, garage or outside storage room, put a properly installed insulation jacket around it.


Click here for information on cutting your water heating costs. We can all do little things to cut down on energy use.  This helps save us money AND helps the environment as well.

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