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Good Morning

The weather is finally cooling down and the leaves beginning to change here in Georgia's Lake Country.  The bad news is this spells the end this year for water activities such as tubing and skiing.  The good news is it provides excellent weather for Golf and Fishing.  Both bass and crappie are abundant and this is a great time of year to catch them. 

This might also be a great time of the year to catch a good deal on a lake property.  Most of the Seller's are anxious like in most parts of the country.  The difference here is that many sellers are fearful that it will be at least next summer before there will be a decent market for their home.  So, many sellers are more willing to negotiate in this non peak season.  In addition to this being a great time to get a good deal on a home it also allows the buyer some time to put their touches on the home so that it is completely ready for use in the spring and summer.

Greene County continues to be the only county in the state in which one can get a conventional loan up to $662,500.  So, if you are thinking of looking at the Lake take advantage of this opportunity and save yourselves jumbo amounts of money on that jumbo loan. 

As always I am happy to answer any questions concerning Lake Oconee or Lake Sinclair as well as provide a 35% referral fee to any Realtor who has a client interested in the Lakes.

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Brad Warnock

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