Sitting on the fence???

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One of my favorite things to do is to observe people and see how they interact with other people. Have you ever sat in a mall and just watched people? Some people are talking to who they are with and not even noticing their surroundings while others are on a mission to accomplish something. I even sat somewhere once and counted how many people I could get to smile back at me once I have smiled at them.

What I'm getting at is something that someone said to me today " With every action there is a reaction". Are you sitting on a home that you need to sell but you can't even get a showing? Are you thinking to yourself "If I finish that third bedroom will I recoup that money once I sell?" Or this great home just went into foreclosure and you really want it bad but have no idea how to compete to get it.

My answer to this is? If you don't act and do something to be the most competitive in this market how are you going to get a reaction? The person that is focused on a mission to accomplish his goal will always get the reaction he is after vs. the person who does nothing in this competitive market and just sits on the fence and "hopes" it will fall into his lap.

These are challenging times in our country but you know what? There are people out there buying and there are people out there selling their homes. What sets them apart from all the others? They have taken action so they get the reaction and results they want.

Do you want to be one of those results people?

Then you need to "get off the fence" and act. Science tells us there will always be the "Reaction".

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