Hey where did everybody go?

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Most of the Realtors were working at their desks.  I would go into a Real Esate  office and the several Realtors would call me over. "Hey you got time to call this Guy?" ""Bill, I got another one over here!" or "This guy is ready to go"

Then, the Realtor would call a week or two later to set up an appointment for the application . The client was referred based on the trust of the Realtor. The buyers trusted the Realtor therefore they trusted me. In turn, I made sure the client got the best rate and service because I  wanted more referrals from the Realtor and the buyer.

Now, 22 years later, many  Realtors do not even go into the office. Often they work at home  on their websites and send out emails.  Today, I walk into offices with 40 agents and there are 3 people in the office counting the receptionist. It is hard to tell who is still really working.

The buyers are different too. These days  clients take virtual tours of a property before the Realtor has even seen it. They have shopped for their mortgage online. They have been pre-approved by some lender they never heard of before and locked into a rate they may or may not close with. All this is done before I even get to meet them. Its all so impersonal. How do you build rapport with a client that starts the sentence "Can you beat this rate I locked online with First Mountain Bank of Utah?"

So what is a 80's mortgage guy to do to keep up with the times. Sure I have a newsletter I email out. I also do emails about program changes, special programs and rate changes. But where is the human interaction?

 I miss meeting first time homebuyers at their parents house and having coffee and cake after the application. As the years went passed I would see my clients in the supermarket with new families. They would say 'Hey Bill, my best friend will be needing a mortgage can you call him"

I was the friendly neighborhood mortgage guy. I do miss those times.




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Jim Brown
Gibraltar Bank - Wall Township, NJ
Jim Brown Mortgage Lender nmls# 203935

Well written...and Oh so true.  1986 where are you?  I know your out there...please step out from behind your computers and emails and call a Real live caring person.  We all need to get back to that personal touch. 

May 22, 2011 05:25 AM