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Lower Scotts Flat DamRamblings............................

By Diane Sawdon

Some days are just more special than others. The older I get, the more these special days mean to me. Thinking back over the past month, three such days stand out for me. I spent a peaceful and serene morning kayaking on Lower Scott's Flat Lake with my husband, Richard, and good friends and neighbors, Karen and Bill. Balancing on the precipice of this stately old dam, I watched, with utter respect, the complete power and dominance of Mother Nature as the water poured out of the discharge pipe and pounded it's way down to Deer Creek. Now, what can be better than sharing pancakes with your granddaughters? One bright Tuesday morning, I celebrated Grandparent's Day with my two special, little girls at their Preschool having a breakfast of pancakes, sausage and orange juice. The girls were so excited to have Nana and Papa visit their school. Family is what makes life worth living. Switching gears and ages, I attended class with my daughter at Cal State University Fresno-------she was the professor, I was the "test dummy." For 90 minutes these grad students scrutinized my walk and posture. Watching my daughter lecture and prod the minds of her students, I was bursting with Motherly pride and so proud of these college grad students who have goals and dreams and are out there doing everything possible to make these come true. Some days are just better than others....................

Rebecca Schrader
Competitive Insurance of Dundee - Dundee, FL


Good morning...It has been a "Cold" one today in Central Florida! And talk about some days being better than others...I woke up at 4:30 put on a pot of coffee on for the high schoolers...(the Senior) forgot his jacket this morning...and so there I rush to the bus stop (right outside our back gate) and he says, "Thanks, Mom...you're the best" Then the next one (9th grader) out to the bus stop WE go...because I sit with her until the bus comes so that I KNOW she got on the bus...she turns to me and says, "Here comes the bus, Mom, I love you!" and off SHE goes....then it's on to the youngest (5th grader)...and she is dressed in "layers" as we call it in Florida...dress for the morning so you can "peel" off layers as the Florida sun heats up later! I decided to do something different with her this morning...I grabbed a plastic mat, a blanket, and a large candle...she looked at me funny as we were walking to the bus stop...we both sat down on the mat, shared the blanket and she warmed her hands over the candle...she smiiles up and says to me, "Mom, you always make such good memories!" And even though the morning started at 4:30...even though the cold bit right through me...even though the last bus was 20 minutes late! TODAY was better than others!

Oct 28, 2008 02:57 AM
Hi Rebecca! We are in California and I never think of Florida as cold. We are in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, so we get a bit of snow. Just fifty minutes away from our house is Donner Summit with an elevation of almost 8, 000 feet and that is where the real snow "grows" in the winter time. Yes, your kids sound GREAT! When you have a morning like that, it makes those other mornings tolerable. I am a Mother of two and grandmother of two and 5/9th. Baby Number Three, called Blip by my daughter, is due in February. Richard is the realtor and I just like to blab, so he lets me write Ramblings once a month. There will be another one out the first week of November. Are you a native of Florida?? My husband and I are both California Natives---really rare. Seems like so many people are transplants to our beautiful state. I love to visit, so write back if you want. What did we do without the internet?? Diane
Oct 28, 2008 08:34 AM