Increasing your Luck & Productivity, a Little Feng Shui at a Time!

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When I started in the business world I often noticed that there were 2 types of offices:

1. Messy Ones

2. Mine

I'm what you would call a "pefectionist"! I have to have things tidy and neat and in their place. If I see a speck of dust on my work area, I have a Swiffer Duster within arms reach...ask my coworkers, they would agree. I figure, there has to be some way that this is beneficial to me, otherwise, some may call me insane.

So one slow day at work (you know we all have them from time to time), I decided to do a little research on how clearing the clutter can benefit your productivity. I figured my, some would say, OCD traits had to be of some benefit. So as usual I did my Google search to see what was out there. I found this amazing website: I highly recommend you take a look at it. I don't go to some of the extremes like mapping out my work area with the 9 sections provided by the website, but I do love the following tips though:

•1.      The Blessings (wealth) area relates to your financial situation.

•2.      The Illuminations (fame) area relates to your reputation and position in the world.

•3.      The Relationships area relates to your personal and business relationships.

•4.      The Elders area relates to your mentors and older family members.

•5.      The Unity area is the center of the room and is generally kept free of encumbrances.

•6.      The Creativity area relates to your sources of inspiration.

•7.      The Contemplation area relates to relaxation and meditation.

•8.      The Journey area relates to your destiny or path through life.

•9.      The Friends area relates to both mentors and your contribution to others.

I've done the following that I have listed below:

1. Place a fountain in your "wealth" corner (typically diagonally to the left of your door). The sound is so relaxing but make sure you don't get one that leaks or splashes everywhere, it makes a mess and it kind of contradicts the whole idea of peacefulness in the office.

2. Place a Jade plant or something with smooth leaves in this corner ( I did this when I was working for a builder closing out of a community and I sold the heck out of the standing inventory, which, isn't usually fun because buyers didn't get to pick anything out). I still have this plant and it is huge!!! I bought it at Target for maybe $3 and it was tiny!


3. Inspirational quotes are always a great tool. I love this website:

4. Hanging a crystal in a window that has a lot of sunlight is great. The sun will cast little rainbows on the wall and who doesn't love a little rainbow? I have a crystal hanging in my car and I used to be the most unlucky driver and haven't had an accident in almost 10 years (which is great for me because I always seems to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, granted, the crystal still didn't get rid of my lead foot :).

5. Clear clutter and ORGANIZE! I have to admit, out of all the shopping I could do, it's always the office supply stores that make me happiest, I know, I'm strange, but I love the thought of getting all my stuff in one spot. Just think of how much easier it would be to track listings by having them all in the same color folder, all your buyer files in another. Expenses can be in a cute green box! The possibilities are endless. I often toy with the idea of becoming an organization consultant just so I can do that and make a little extra cash. Think of how beneficial it would be to those listings that need to clear out some of their clutter to make a bigger impact on showings? Ah, the thought just makes me smile.

6. Paint your work area a color that motivates you! I've often heard and read that Yellow drains the positive energy from a room (which is why none of my rooms are YELLOW).

7. RED FRONT DOOR: By having a Red front door on your home, it brings in positive energy which often leads to wealth and happiness. Kind of funny that I work for the Red Door Group, my research in Feng Shui brought me here I think.

8. Place a LUCKY FROG by your front door! My dear friend Amy gave me one and I have to say, it may be coincidence but things turned around in our household.

9. Elephants are great luck charms, but make sure their trunks are up, it's not as good to have them with their trunks down.


10. Do what makes you happy! Who wants to live their life miserable and wondering what else there is in store for them. Be Passionate about your job, life, everything. When you get that down, it will shine through to all around you!

I felt inspired when I cleared off some of my clutter and actually received a few emails that perked up my work day so I just wanted to pass the information on to everyone who may be having a "ho-hum" day.

Heidi J

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I'm not into the feng shui thing, however, I agree with most of your points.  Nice post!  :o)

Oct 28, 2008 05:48 AM
Bob & Carolin Benjamin
Benjamin Realty LLC - Gold Canyon, AZ
East Phoenix Arizona Homes

These are all great tips and yes we think feng shui works - all the best.

Oct 28, 2008 06:55 AM