Destress yourself, isn't it time for you to take care of yourself. You are your Business!

Mortgage and Lending with Your Financial Coach

With all this market termoil, it is getting very stressful and sometimes over welming with all of us in the business, be it Realtor, Mortgage Banker or broker, Appraisers, Title and Escrow, ect.

Over a year ago my wife did this Body cleansing thing...went from a size 14 to a size 4. Don't even ask me how much weight she lost, because she won't tell me.

I think because I kind of know where she is at now but she doesn't want me to figure out where she was. She did the 30 day cleansing and then after she saw alot of success, she continued to exercise and work real hard at eating better....even though she had "The BBQ King" wanting to grill some steaks or some other red meat every night. And nw after doing the 9 day total body cleanse, I lost 0 pounds the first 9 days and have lost an aditional 3 pounds this past week just eating regular food, cutting back on the beer and coffee....and taking a 30 minute walk everyday.

So , now I have gotten involved in taking better care of myself due to all the stress going on with the Bailout, market and houseing industry.

check out this website at or and see how were doing it. Let me know if you have any questions. And if your interested in making some cash on the side like we have, let me know. It sure isn't the Mortgage industry that has been paying my bills lately. Thanks  

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