Why Is This So Hard? It Can Be So Easy

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  1. We have to take a look at the whole Middle East situation. It is a Global interest. It is all about the Land!! No one seems to get that. If you take a look at the history of Palestian and Israeal you will see that is about the land and it's boundary. We need to respect that giving and willingness of the people that occupy these regions. There is too much focus on a band-aid and not enough on what we can do.

If we want to make a change in the middle east, then lets ask the question.........??? What will make peace? It is all so difficult for us to decide. We have gotten ourselves so entrenched. We did the right thing by ousting Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi people are grateful for that, however, they have to rebuild their society now. It is new to them, without American troops to safeguard them, they may recind back to a new dictator. It is soo important that we listen to what is needed.

Think about Real Estate...It is our right as Americans to own Private Property... This is our Real Leverage that we have. It has been our wealth and our namesake for our children. We hold it dear to our souls. Unless, you are willing to give that up. I know that many people living on border countries like Palestiean and Isreal and Iraq and Turkey and even in African countries and European feel. We all want securtiy for our families and that is what combines us verses divdes us..We need to put our Big Ears On, and quit listening to BO and listen to what makes sense now.

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