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Well, it's my second blog, and I really appreciate all the encouragement everyone gave me in their comments.  Thanks so much, I needed that.  Sounds like you guys are a great bunch of agents that utililize Active Rain. 

One comment in particular gave a good tip:  "Don't necessarily just blog about real estate, but more about you personally..." That got me to thinking.  I spend so much time in real estate, I don't have much to tell about myself anymore.  Sure, I have hopes and dreams, pursue certain hobbies for that mythical "one of these days" extra time that I don't have yet...

I suppose I'll list things about me that I wish I had time for.  Let's see, travel for sure.  I love to travel and since my wife is a flight attendant, we certainly like to see the world (in that time I don't have again)

I love the ocean and love reef diving and spear fishing, beach bumming and rum drinks.  Diving and free diving.  I love the Caribbean and have a list of all the other places I'd like to travel as well- everywhere from the Seychelles to the ... oh yeah, that takes time too.

I love history and antiquity.  As a little kid I couldn't decide if I wanted to be a paleontologist or an archaeologist.  I would love to go back to school and learn more history, and volunteer on digs - everywhere from the fossil digs in the Dakota badlands to the history rich Middle East. Heck, I could combine the two and go into marine archeology, uncovering amphora and treasures in the Mediterranean... oh yeah.  If I had time.

Mission work.  I'd love to give back to those that are less fortunate, and there are many in this world who are WAY less fortunate than we are here in America.  I'd love to help bring clean water to remote villages by having wells drilled.  My wife and I want to either join groups doing this, or create our own foundation to share the love of Christ with those who are in need.  I could accomplish this by selling more homes and acquiring more rental properties so that I could afford the time...to...

Okay, I'm not really this cynical.  We all have very little time, at least those of us who are involved in real estate as well as our local communities, churches, etc.  I love it and would not change careers for anything.  When you work so much that all you can talk about is work though, I guess "Jack" has become a "dull boy". 

Maybe I do need to start scheduling a day off every now and then... ;)

Your Central Arkansas Real Estate guy,

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